Pro AI is focused at delivering real cost saving efficiencies to all industries using cutting edge AI and RPA technology  We provide packaged services to ensure we consult, plan and develop an optimised solution 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

is using algorithm based systems to encode tasks or functions that can provide ‘intelligent outputs’. They are either single “narrow” systems or multiple used together to provide complex outputs.
Pro AI are able to consider the whole field of Artificial Intelligence to offer the most appropriate system ranging from language to decision, voice to text analysis.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

is focused at replacing common, repetitive tasks, such as back office tasks, and making them automatic, so that people are free to focus on more complex tasks and adding efficiency
RPA can save time and cost by automating routines and even providing better, faster customer service


Is essential to delivery and ensuring all factors are considered during consulting and development. Pro AI focuses on minimal viable products (MPV) first to ensure that a useable, testable, efficiency generating, cost saving system is the focus. This can then lead to adaption and further development. Successful process management ensures that the AI is operationally successful

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