We offer three distinct services

These services cover all stages of your automation journey. You can book them separately, or as a complete transformation package.

Consulting Services

To get the right answers, we need to ask the right questions first.

We won’t get the right answers unless we ask the right questions first. That’s why James, our founder and AI expert, holds a two-hour consultation before the start of every project, to establish the specific needs of your business and find the most pressing technology gaps.

How it works


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Algorithm design

World-class laboratory research blended with 360-degree data management.

We’ll build an algorithm that turns your data into your company’s most powerful asset. We’ll break down the siloes to create a structured data lake, and use this information to test and build various bespoke AI algorithms in our lab. Then we’ll identify the one that brings the greatest transformative gains to your business.

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Design Ready to unlock the power of your data through intelligent automation? Then get in touch!

Software Development

Forget high-tech and low-tech: we’ll build you the right tech 

We’re not just here to build you a flashy AI solution. If your business needs a different form of transformation, we’ll make it happen, using an agile methodology that delivers rapid results through constant, transparent communication.

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Ready to find the right route to transformation? Let's chat!

AI Develop, once the proposal is approved, we develop in-house your bespoke AI solution • £10,000 or • Price on demand

Industries we serve

We’re veterans of the AI sphere and we challenge ourselves to keep getting smarter.

Food Productions

Food production companies create vast amounts of data when fulfilling orders and delivering products at scale. Automation is essential to ensure quality and speed of production: simple systems can manage and analyse this data to add real value.


Speed and automation is essential to deliver at scale with high levels of efficiency. Manufacturers create deep pools of data when storing and creating products for shipping, and many back-office processes require high levels of automation that can be optimised using AI.


Only the most technologically aware FinTech organisations thrive, and managing huge customer data streams is crucial to deciding who sinks and who swims. Automating and creating intelligent systems using AI is no longer the future of this industry: it’s the present.


Smart route generation and order fulfilment using AI are just two examples of how new software systems can add real value to the logistics industry. Even the simplest AI systems can provide cost-saving advances to supply chain management and logistics companies.

Pro AI, Transform your business with bespoke AI solutions


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