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James Longbottom
James Longbottom

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Food manufacture generates huge amounts of data, either from user orders, fulfilment or typically during production. This project encompasses all areas of production.

Ai and supporting software solutions were essential to add efficiency and revolutionise how this company dealt with data and how their existing process was managed.

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Overview of system

  • Cloud Management Platform Merging of all incoming orders and required production to cloud based database, with easy to use user interface for internal viewing and management of all orders and analytics coming from the huge amount of data being created on a daily basis. 

  • User Production Management System – B focused at viewing and managing the production of food from start to finish, a all inclusive management system built from multiple access types to allow each persona in the organisation to have complete control over daily operations
  • Ai Automation system – Using all the data available, a bespoke Ai system was built to automate and manage the complex daily production, leaving management to review and plan with full automation. System was self learning and able to add vital intelligence and automation to the production process. 

  • Automatically generated production plan – to replace a labour intensive, time consuming manual operation that would often include errors, the system automatically generates a standardised production plan to automate the production process.

Detailed report

Moving from lots of data sources to one simple place to view all has multiple benefits; it allows ease of use from all who need the data and plan, it also enables high level analysis that can drive improved management decisions. 

Moving to higher levels of automation allows the users and operatives in the company to focus on more complex tasks, away from repetitive tasks that can sometimes lead to errors.

Tangible results

Average of 50 hours a week saved in order management. 

Error rate dropped to near zero from high levels (10%+) in the past. 

Management given more insights into flow of production and demand levels.

Company able to scale at faster pace with more security.

James Longbottom

James Longbottom

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