ChatGPT for business: what it can (and can’t) do for you

Gareth Platt
Gareth Platt

Full disclosure: We actually used ChatGPT’s text-generation software when researching this article. All the clever stuff was written by us humans though, of course.

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You’ve almost certainly heard of ChatGPT, even if you don’t know it. If your friends, family or colleagues have been raving about this new piece of tech that gives human-quality answers to their questions, they’re probably talking about this particular chatbot.

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars. Google has declared a code red. The New York Times has written a damning essay about how the software is “hijacking democracy”, then invited ChatGPT itself to provide a rebuttal. 

But amidst all the hype and hysteria, the practical benefits of ChatGPT for business are getting lost. So we thought we’d put that right with a blog post.

Based on our own research and use of the technology, here are four specific ChatGPT business benefits, complete with dos and don’ts so you can squeeze the most from each individual use-case

ChatGPT for customer service

Like all chatbots, ChatGPT can help ramp up your customer service. But only if you use it the right way.

When your customers post a query on one of your channels, you can use ChatGPT to get background information to aid your response. Simply by typing their query into the chatbot, you should get some useful context.

However, you can’t plug the software into your own applications as you would with other chat software (although the much-discussed ChatGPT API may solve this problem), and you can’t train the programme to answer questions on your behalf, like ‘does my company sell this particular item?’ or ‘when will my company make this particular product available?’

So, if you’re thinking of ditching your existing chat software and replacing it with ChatGPT, then don’t. Nor should you simply direct your customers to ChatGPT when they have a query, because you can’t control the answers it will give (and, besides, it’s lazy).

If you want to deliver better customer service, ChatGPT should be a means, not an end.

Do: Use ChatGPT to research your answers to your customers and gain inspiration for phrases and descriptions.

Don’t Expect that ChatGPT will be a panacea for your customer service issues. When using the software, you and not your customers should be the ones doing the asking.

ChatGPT for content creation

We’ve found there’s loads of content you can create with ChatGPT; examples include blog posts, social media messages, even emails to your customers. But it’s important you know how far the AI can stretch here.

If you enter the title of your desired content as a question, ChatGPT will give you a really long answer, providing you with loads of background material. You can also type ‘blog post about…’ the topic you want to cover, and you’ll get a full article. 

If you want to be really smart, you can combine this research with keywords gained from, another (less high-profile) text-generation engine.

However, while the material is generally clear and well-structured, it’s not that creative (which isn’t surprising when you consider the ‘author’ is an algorithm which is incapable of emotion). The software may be able to pass a law school exam but its content tends to read more like a Wikipedia article than the sort of quick, snappy prose that’ll grab your readers’ attention.

So while you should definitely use ChatGPT to create the building blocks for your content, you’ll need to give it a damn good polish before it’s ready for human eyes.

Do: Use your desired content titles as queries to get background information for your article.

Don’t: Fire your content writer and replace them with ChatGPT (this writer has already made this recommendation to his boss at Pro AI. A final decision is pending).

ChatGPT for writing business proposals

One potential use-case for ChatGPT that’s flown totally under the radar is its capacity to serve as a potential assistant to control regular customer proposals or internal memos around project work. 

For example, if the company regularly sends proposals for work with the same format, ChatGPT can generate them in seconds, saving hours of resource and freeing up your people to focus on higher-value tasks.

What’s more, these documents can be used for memos and other internal communication, building bridges between you and your team.

Again, however, it’s important that a human reviews the content before it goes out. ChatGPT is designed to provide answers to everyday questions, not provided secretarial and administrative support.

Do ‘Outsource’ the creation of key documents, like project completion or initiation statements, to ChatGPT.

Don’t Expect that the documents will be as clear, crisp or detailed as something you’d write yourself. ChatGPT should be one of a suite of tools used simultaneously, including your own research.

ChatGPT for business planning

Gartner has predicted that 69% of all managerial work will be automated by 2024. And while ChatGPT isn’t ready to join this particular party yet, we reckon it’s coming soon.

In fact ChatGPT, and other AI tools which run on GPT software from creator OpenAI will be able to provide you with a ‘holistic brain’ to manage many of your core office tasks.

For example, you can already use to book stays and trips, buy goods online, control scheduling and plan your office facilities. You can even use text prompts to go into Excel documents and request an edit to a particular cell.

This will allow you, and your colleagues, to more focus on complex, value-added tasks rather than simple office management.

Do: Take a look at and stay tuned to our blog and social media channels, because we’ll be giving regular updates on these possibilities.

Don’t: Automatically expect ChatGPT will be able to provide all these possibilities in its next update. The technology is still evolving and it may be that you will need several different AI tools for business planning.Want to chat about ChatGPT, the ChatGPT API, the wider GPT series or general chatbot business ideas? Don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us by clicking below.

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