Forget the rise of the robots: Here’s how AI will really change your world

Forget the rise of the robots: Here’s how AI will really change your world Intelligent machines may be building cars, stacking shelves and taking drinks orders, but the real impact of AI will be felt elsewhere. And don’t worry, the technology isn’t going to replace you – it’s going to make you smarter.  5 min […]

MRI Scanning System for Hospital Enviroment

With increased levels of pressure on healthcare and providing state of the art technology services to increase effectiveness of treatment, developing state of the art AI is essential.  Magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI) can be used to identify multiple diseases and injuries in the body, this AI powered system was aimed at identifying MS in adults […]

Food Production Management System

Best Farm Management Software Food manufacture generates huge amounts of data, either from user orders, fulfilment or typically during production. This project encompasses all areas of production. Ai and supporting software solutions were essential to add efficiency and revolutionise how this company dealt with data and how their existing process was managed. 5 min read […]

Engineering Manufacturing management system

This project was based on two sections, the first, to build and install an intelligent remote access software system for data and for engineering drawings; the second was to build a parts system to log and intelligently engineering parts. The installed system was built to provide a unified way to break down the components that […]

AI powered Fraud detection system 

Based at reducing the risk of fraud in countries with high levels of online banking and transactional fraud. The system was based from a machine learning core that would be trained from a large amount of features that could classify fraud or high risk transactions. The system would uses NLP (Natural language processing) to evaluate […]