How Document Analysis Can Be Made Automatic and More Efficient With AI – 2024

5 min read Share this post: Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on email Introduction In today’s data-driven world, businesses and organisations are drowning in a sea of documents, ranging from invoices and contracts to research papers and customer feedback. Efficiently extracting meaningful information from these documents is paramount for informed decision-making and streamlined […]

What is RPA and how can it help my back office?

What is RPA? Robotic Process Automation may sound like adding a big metal box to your desk, but it is much more simple that you can imagine.  RPA is software that does the simple repetitive jobs that people and staff do over and over again, automatically. The best place to imagine this is in the […]

Why are MVPs important for AI and RPA development. 10 reasons why

An MVP is the minimum viable product. It sounds useless in a world where the digital realisations of companies are producing state of the art systems that are revolutionising the way organisations are able to operate and make money.  But when deciding to add a new digital system, especially when it involves AI or RPA, […]

How to choose an AI consultant

Adding AI or RPA for that matter to a business can add huge value, it can reduce labour costs, provide cutting edge decisions and add real efficiency to a wide range of industries and processes. But how do you ensure that you pick the right consultancy for the job. Making the right choice can ensure […]