We are the AI experts

We’re a team of technologists that covers all the bases in AI innovation. We come from a range of backgrounds, and we’re united by a desire to drive AI towards mass adoption.

The three goals that unite us

We’ve worked with AI for years and we know what it can do. We’ve seen how it can accelerate dull and repetitive tasks, unlock the full value of data and lead to better, more meaningful relationships. We build for companies, but we believe this technology is for everyone.

Our Vision

A world that keeps getting smarter, one AI solution at a time.

Our Mission

To drive AI to mass adoption through bespoke, relevant solutions.

Our focus

To help businesses become more efficient through automation and efficient data management.

Our values

Pro AI Milestones

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Pro AI's Team

James Longbottom

Director/AI Consultant

James lives and breathes AI. He is fascinated by this technology and loves talking about how it can add value to people, companies and society. This isn’t just a job for James; it’s a chance to share his passion with the world.

Although his main focus is technological development, James gets involved in multiple parts of the business and wants to build the UK’s most creative and fearless AI agency. Away from work, he loves fast cars and enjoys free diving and skiing.  

David Aobadia

Business manager

David is James’s partner at Pro AI, charged with ensuring the business is as agile and scalable as the technology. He has previously helped grow several brands including Remington, Black & Decker and Virgin Red.

Oliver Johns

lead designer

Oliver is the remote Creative Lead behind ProAI. While having a background in Architecture, he also runs a full end-to-end design studio operating in the FinTech, Web3 and Next-Gen space.

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